UX/UI Design
User-first design is the foundation of any successful product.
Our core design principles are:
  • Accessibility - We design products for all customers, including those with disabilities. Access to internet is a right, not a privilege. We take into account color contrast ratio, keyboard and screen reader-friendly page structure, navigation and more.
  • Usability - Regardless of whether users are making purchases, scrolling through your blog posts, or something else, they should find it easy to accomplish their goals, not trying to figure out how it works. We understand the elegance of simplicity and strive to make your product as intuitive as possible.
  • Visual Hierarchy and Relevance - Users come to a page with a purpose. We arrange elements to show their order of importance and relevance. To achieve this, we find the right combination of size, color, contrast, alignment, repetition, proximity, and more.
  • Consistency - Consistency means that the design language and functionality is the same across all of your pages and products. Sometimes, even implementing a custom design system may be necessary if you have two or more similar products with the same design identity. Reach out to learn more about the past experience we have with building custom design systems.
  • Responsiveness - We design for all screen and device sizes. We make sure that your product looks good on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Scalabilty - We design products that can be a 1 or 1000 pages. We make sure that the design works great not only on the first implementation, but also as your product grows and evolves.